Pérez Prado Planet


Non-fiction serie about environment, social impact, science and technology with eight chapters. It shows how a common object such as a lump of sugar or a lens affects our daily life and the problems of the country and the world. From simple situations and funny events that affect the family Perez Prado (the persistence of a leak in the bathroom, the extension of a house or the invitation to a marriage) our omniscient narrator will lead us, through an impressive chain of associations, to understand how many issues that are considered separately may be meaningless. This program reveals the distance between our planet and our daily life has been erased forever.

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General Direction: Paola Castillo Executive Production: Paola Castillo Production Companies: Errante Producciones Duration of chapters: 45 minutos


           Water scarcity      Deforestation     Sugar and obesity

The rubbish crisis        Cell phone, communication and garbage    Lens and solar radiation

  Fish and the collapse of the sea      City and urbanization


Film director graduated from the EICTV, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. First Latin American scolarship holder of the international documentary production program EURODOC 2009. Executive Director of CHILEDOC, an organization that supports the distribution of Chilean documentaries. Director and Producer of recognized documentaries at national and international level. She won in the 2002 the Altazor Award for Best TV Direction with the cultural program “Cine Video + Teatro”. Teaching in the film and TV careers of the University of Chile and the Audiovisual Direction of the Catholic University of Chile. She has been invited to be a jury and lecturer at festivals like IDFA, DOKLeipzig, Sheffield Doc, It’s All True, etc.