The Union


The Amateur Soccer Referee Federation has a new board of directors, who face the challenge of renewing their image after a 90-year history. But these leaders receive a broke organization and headquarters that are in precarious conditions. They have also aged, but have nothing to lose and will work together to reinvent themselves.

This is the third documentary feature directed by Lorena Giachino and produced by Paola Castillo, by Errante Producciones. Before, they were together behind the award-winning documentary “Reinalda del Carmen My Mother and me” (2006) and “Timoteo’s Fabulous Ragged Circus” (2013).


Direction and Screenplay: Lorena Giachino Executive Production: Paola Castillo Cinematographer: Pablo Valdés, Eduardo Cruz Coke Sound: Juan Pablo Manríquez Edition: Javiera Velozo – Lorena Giachino Direction Assistant: Loreto Contreras Script consultant: Marta Andreu Postproduction: Kiné /Daniel Dávila Sound Design: Sonamos / Roberto Espinoza

Format: HD/ DCP Color / 70 minutes Chile / V.O. spanish

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Lorena Giachino. She holds a degree in journalism from the Diego Portales University, with postgraduate studies in Scriptwriting at the Madrid Complutense University. She has worked as cultural and documentary program director for public TV in Chile. In Spain she developed as a director, scriptwriter and executive producer for the Ibero American Educational TV Association. (Asociación de Televisión Educativa Iberoamericana. ATEI). Based in Chile, she has participated in productions abroad, such as: People and Arts, BBC, La Sette, de Italia and Discovery Channel. Her debut was “Reinalda del Carmen, my mom and me” (2006). Her second documentary ” El Gran Circo Pobre de Timoteo ” (Chile-Argentina. 2013) has been awarded at more than 10 national and international festivals. She also has worked as a teacher and as editor at the culture department at TVN.