JAAR the lament of the images


JAAR the lament of the images”observes Alfredo Jaar’s creative process, he’s one of the most relevant contemporary artists.

His works address big issues in different parts of the world, such as immigration at the Mexico and USA border, genocide in Rwanda o the military coup in Chile. Jaar believes that art is “the last place” of freedom in our society and from that trench, he displays his work as an act of resistance.

This is the first film done about this great artist and is also a journey through his work, with exhibitions in Finland, Venice, Buenos Aires, Santiago and New York.

The soundtrack of the documentary is by his son Nicolas Jaar, one of the most influential musicians of the world current electronica.


Direction and Screenplay: Paula Rodríguez Sickert

Executive Production: Paola Castillo

General Production: Catalina Mac- Auliffe – Ricardo Cantuarias

Cinematography: John Marquez – Enrique Stind

Sound: Boris Herrera – Shinya Kitamura

Edition: Titi Viera Gallo

Sound design: Roberto Espinoza

Postproduction: Cecilia Belliz – Daniel Dávila

Music: Nicolás Jaar – Nascuy Linares

Color / 77 minutes Chile / V.O.

JAAR the lament of images is a asociative production between Errante and Visionafilms. With the support of CNCA and CORFO.

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She has a degree in Architecture at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts and a Film Director at the German Academy of Cinema and Television in Berlin. She has a professional career as a director of documentaries and television reports. Her works have mainly addressed political and socio-cultural issues in different parts of the world. In 2010 he founded his own production company, Visiona Film, with presence in Santiago de Chile and Berlin, Germany with the intention of being a bridge between both countries. He currently works at Deutsche Welle as a freelance.